Ads for liquor usually play up on all the fun you can have drinking the product in question, which may be part of the reason this spot has taken off.

This is a commercial for Johnnie Walker not affiliated with the drink. It's a pensive ad made by German students Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz that focuses on two brothers walking along the Isle of Skye in Scotland while one of them provides a voiceover reminiscing about growing up together.

After they enjoy some Johnnie Walker in a farmhouse, they keep walking until we see the twist at the end and realize one of the brothers has merely been remembering the memory of being with his late brother as he prepares to spread his ashes off a cliff.

It's a moving ad and, as Lebherz says, "Nearly everybody has been to the point that you've lost someone, so everyone can empathize with the feeling of our protagonist. It's the memories that keep those persons alive."

Well done. We don't know if it will inspire anyone to grab some Johnnie Walker, but it definitely will stick with you.

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