Johnson's Lakeside Bakery and Coffee Shop at 4509 E. Superior Street will be closing it's doors, but no exact time frame has been determined  as of right now. But,customers will be relieved to know that the store at 2230 W 3rd St will remain open.

Apparently the owners of Johnson's Bakery had posted the notice about closing the store on their Facebook Page on Saturday February 10th, but has since been taken down. So I called and spoke with an employee from the Lincoln Park Johnson's Bakery Store and she Confirmed that yes that store will be closing, The owners of  Johnson's Bakery took the Facebook post down due to confusion from customers about when exactly they were going to close, because again no date has been set

My family and I happen to live out in Lakeside and the little strip of stores on Superior street including the bakery really make it feel like small town USA. I am a big believer in shopping local and this is really sad to see this cute little coffee shop and bakery go away.

No official word was given as to why they were closing that store which the Johnson family bought back in 2003. So, make sure to shop at the great little store while you can and keep in mind how important it is to keep supporting local business.

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