If you're planning to visit the 2019 Duluth Air Show, be sure to visit our radio station booth! We'll have staff hanging out all weekend, so you can say hello - but, more importantly, you can support a great cause we're excited to be part of (that could also win you some cash)!

We've partnered with the Rotary Club of Duluth #25 for "Adopt A Duck", which benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northland Mental Health Access Program and the Rotary Club of Duluth #25 Foundation. You can adopt a solo "lucky duck", a "feathered four" group of ducks, a "flock" of 10 ducks, or "The Duluth Quack" pack of 20 ducks that will participate in the Duluth Rotary Duck Pluck fundraising event in August. While you will already feel good about adopting a duck (or a few) and supporting some fantastic local causes, it gets even sweeter.

Participants in Adopt A Duck has a chance to win some huge cash prizes at the Duluth Rotary Duck Pluck races, which is being held on August 15 from 5 pm to 8:30 pm at Pier B Resort in Duluth. The top prize is $3,000 cash, with second place getting $2,000, and third place getting $1,000. You don't need to be present at the Duck Pluck to win, but you do need to adopt at least one duck for a chance to win, so be sure to join us at the 2019 Duluth Air Show to adopt a duck! We'll be in the hanger, so be sure to look for us! You can learn more about adopting ducks and the Duluth Duck Pluck here.

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