Justin Bieber was detained at LAX last night (April 24) and it was instant national news, since critics, haters and Beliebers wondered what he may have done wrong to been held up while coming through customs after being out of the country and in Asia. Well, at around 6:30PM local time, he was allowed to leave the terminal and go on his merry way.

It turns out that his detainment was a matter of routine since he is not a U.S. citizen, according to Us Weekly.

The singer, wearing a hat, made his way through throngs of Beliebers and the ever-present paparazzi as he was exiting the airport. See video of his exit here.

He had endured several hours of questioning by customs officials, so he was not in a chatty mood and did not address fans or photogs as he was bouncing.

We can't say we blame him. International travel is always a headache, but when you are detained at your final destination for hours, you wanna get the heck outta there.

There is no clear answer as to what the customs officials wanted to discuss with him or why they had detained him as of press time.

But then again, it's standard operating procedure when it comes to The Biebs. He has been detained before. His recent arrest record and that pesky White House petition calling for his deportation back to his native Canada certainly don't allow him to travel freely or under the cloak of anonymity.

An Us Weekly source said that the customs check was routine. "It was a routine secondary set of questioning that Justin has to go through now every time he comes back in the country because he's a foreign national," the insider said. "It's standard, especially after he has had other legal issues in the U.S. in the past."

Click the blue button to see The Biebs leaving the airport.

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