If you're a plane next to Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of Karmin, don't expect them to revel in an in-flight movie or doze off. It turns out that's where the engaged couple actually knock out a lot of their songwriting for the upcoming album.

Noonan explained to MTV, "We're living on airplanes, so while we are there, we figured we might as well try. So I'm on the laptop and recording things, so we have some ideas." Heidemann added, "We look really strange on airplanes, because people are like, 'Are those people dancing over there? And she's scribbling something?' It's weird."

The duo is working on their followup to 'Hello,' which boasts the enormous hit 'Brokenhearted.' "We've started working on a new album, and that's, like, the most exciting thing for an artist," Heidemann said. "We'll be cooped up in the studio." Noonan concurred, "I think the entire month of November, we just cleared that entire thing. We're just gonna go in and try to make some magic."

One difference between their upcoming record and 'Hello'? More vocals from Noonan. "One thing that the fans wanted and that I really am excited about is having more of Nick singing," Heidemann said. "It felt very Amy-heavy on our last release, so more of Nick." Nick also joked that there will be "more gospel choirs." We heart these two!

One thing the duo recognize got them this far? Their Karminites! "We are so grateful and we feel really blessed, and we can't wait to see what next year brings," Heidemann enthused. "There's a lot of cool stuff in the works."