Well, that may explain that whole pesky divorce thing. Markus Molinari, bestie to a certain Katy Perry, has put her ex Russell Brand on blast. Taking to Twitter, Molinari says that the funnyman cheated on the ‘Part of Me‘ singer. Grimy!

Molinari doesn’t give too many details, but he makes it quite clear that he’s not a fan of Brand. Molinari retweeted a post from actor John Schaech, then added in his own commentary.

Sounds pretty telling to us!

Despite the massive speculation when the split first came to light, Brand and Perry’s breakup has been pretty fast and relatively painless, at least in terms of efficiency. Brand moved out out the mansion the couple shared within days of his filing and refused to take any of Perry’s fortune, and Perry even signed her divorce papers with a smiley face.

Perry has denied repeatedly that her new No. 1 is about her former hubby, but if Molinari’s tweet is true, then Brand may well have inspired the video, in which Perry catches her boyfriend flirting with another woman.

In any case, Perry’s pretty much over it. Dating the world’s highest paid male model will do that.

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