A group of Kayakers in Northern Michigan are thanking there lucky stars that they were able to get out of the way in time as a massive portion of rock sheared off the towering cliffs above them on Lake Superior. The group was on a tour at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

WCCO reports the kayakers were in an area where the sandstone cliffs are about  200 feet above the water, so you can imagine the force of those rocks tumbling down the cliff into the water. Van Ouellette-Ballas who is one of the guides from Northern Waters Adventures said "smaller rocks had fallen near the group Monday before the massive section fell. He said they “thought we were at a safe distance” and were paddling away when the large collapse missed them by about 50 feet."

Nature photographers Jon Smithers and Craig Blacklock were on a boat and Smithers happened top turn the  drone toward the sounds of the collapse in time to record video of it. Check out the incredible footage below.

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