Fans of Kevin Smith might want to make plans to check out his pop-up restaurant Mooby's that will open in Minneapolis for a short run.

Mooby's, the fictional restaurant that appears most notably in the films 'Dogma' and 'Clerks II', will open December 12th through the 18th at The Depot Tavern at First Ave nightclub in Downtown Minneapolis.

All food will be reserved in advance and picked up at the location on the date and time selected. You can start making reservations today, November 24th, at 11 AM.

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Each reservation or ticket will include a "Mooby's Meal with your selections of a Moo Main + Salt Lick Side (vegan & non-vegan options available)." You can also add some Mooby's Soda, Mooby's Pilsner Beer, desserts and additional sides to your order. Snoochie boochies!

The Mooby's pop-up will also be selling exclusive Secret Stash merch and displaying memorable photo moments from Smith's films. Due to the current COVID-19 rescritions, no memorabilia will be on display at this stop, and all pick up times will limit the number of guests.

Smith is no stranger to Minnesota, he filmed his classic movie 'Mallrats' at Eden Prairie Center in 1994 and has done some live shows in Minneapolis over the span of his career.

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