It is approaching the end of the school year, and with it comes the occasional Senior pranks. This is part of a storied tradition in the U.S., but for some students they take it a little to far.

5 students took it upon themselves last week to vandalize the new Duluth East High School . Armed with eggs, spray paint and toilet paper, a neighbor who lives by the school  saw people fleeing the scene around 1 am that night.

Being someone who lives on that side of town and drives by that school every, it made me sick to hear about this. Besides the fact it is incredibly disrespectful, obviously , you can't help but think of the cost and time that was involved in getting the school to this level to make it a High School!

The school district has  decided not to press criminal charges, which would have been a Felony for each of the 5 individuals. They based their decision on the fact that this would greatly affect the future of these kids, and as a learning institution this would not be the right decision. In all  $ 3,500 in damage was done, with a whole day spent to clean up the mess.

The punishment for the students,? Suspension, pay restitution and different forms of community   service.


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