Kirk Cousins recently appeared on Spotify's "10 Questions" podcast. He was asked some questions regarding COVID-19 during the NFL season, and the topic of face masks came up.

The host, NFL Networks Kyle Brandt, asked Cousins about how he feels about starting the season during the COVID-19 pandemic. He responded with "If I die, I die."

Brandt continued with a question asking him about he feels about wearing a mask.

If 1 is the person who says, 'Masks are stupid, you're all a bunch of lemmings' and 10 is 'I'm not leaving my master bathroom for the next 10 years,' where do you land?

Kirk Cousins responded with,

I'm not gonna call anybody stupid, for the trouble it would get me in... but I'm about a .000001.

Cousins further added that he wants to respect what other people's concerns are, but for him personally if he gets it he'll just go about his daily life. He said he's going to let nature do its course with a survival of the fittest kind of approach. He says "Even if I die, I die. I kind of have a peace about that."

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He elaborates that his opinion about wearing a mask is about being respectful to other people, it has nothing to do with his own personal thoughts.

You can watch the full podcast, during which he also shares his love of the band Creed in great detail, here:

The NFL is taking the coronavirus very seriously with daily tests of players and team personnel. They recently released the testing results from August 21-19. 10 new cases were confirmed among players and personnel.

Kirk Cousins leads the Minnesota Vikings VS the Green Bay Packers in the season opener this Sunday at Noon. You can hear the game right here on the Northland FAN.

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