Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been giving fans a rollercoaster ride of emotions so far this season. From efficient, high scoring games against teams like the Falcons and Giants to looking downright ineffective against the Chicago Bears, he's been in the spotlight. Apparently that spotlight has been shining brightly enough for the President of the United States to notice.

WCCO Television in the Twin Cities is reporting that Cousins got a call from President Trump following the Vikings' 28-10 win over the New York Giants. The call, which was confirmed by a team official, was reportedly brief. The nature of the call was to congratulate Cousins and his team on the win over the Giants, one of the two NFL teams in his home of New York City.

On the surface, this seems like kind of an odd gesture. Is Trump a Vikings fan? Did he reach out because Cousins was (insert impression here) "the victim of unfair treatment by the mainstream media"? The call was more likely inspired by other factors.

Trump is set to appear in Minnesota at a rally on October 10 at Target Center, and a source told WCCO that the rally was briefly discussed. The team say that the focus of the call was not on the rally, and WCCO's source says Cousins will not be in attendance at the rally.

This call wasn't the first time the two have talked. Trump and Cousins have met previously, playing a game of golf together in 2017. As Sports Illustrated explains, Cousins said he accepted the invitation simply based on the fact that the President of the United States was inviting him to golf, saying "Look, if it had been any president—far left, far right, middle—I was gonna go."

Cousins described the outing to SI as friendly, calling Trump "a normal guy". They reportedly talked about a number of things, including football.

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