A candy bar with sprinkles that sounds pretty heavenly and Kit Kat is supposedly launching a Birthday Cake flavored candy bar which should be available by 2020. Thanks to a post earlier this week on Instagram we get to see the unofficial wrapper and the candy bar itself.

According to an Instagram post from Junkfoodleaks this limited edition KIT Kat is the real deal. This person confessed they normally do not like anything that is birthday cake flavored but had to give that up for this candy bar. They said it was like eating a can of funfetti frosting when you were a kid.

So by the looks of it the wafers are covered in a white frosting with actual sprinkles in them. They also offered a tip that for some it may be to sweet since this is a different flavor than regular KIt Kats, but I know I am willing to take one for the team when they come out. Maybe if they sell really well they will make them all the time. For more about birthday cake Kit Kats click here.

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