Lady Gaga is getting ready to hit the road on her massive artRAVE tour, but that hasn't stopped her from expanding her family. The Mother Monster has gotten herself a new pooch.

Gaga shared a video of her new BFF with paws -- a French bulldog -- and captioned to the video, starring the glossy-coated black pup chasing a toy, as follows: "Her name is Asia. She is a BATPIG I love her I'm her mom."

We love her, too! She is too freakin' cute not to! Gaga is also a dog mom to Fozzi, her apricot-colored pooch that she got a few years ago and who often makes appearances on his mom's social media feeds. Now, Fozzi has a sister.

We can't help but wonder if Gaga will bring her dog brood on tour with her. Gaga can certainly hire someone whose sole job is to look after her canines while she is being a pop star, performing, meeting fans, working on choreography and everything else that life on the road entails. It's hard to be separated from her babies so maybe they will tour with her. We'll see.

She also shared a photo of her and her "BATPIG" here. Those eyes! Those ears! Those shoes! (And we mean Gaga re: the footwear.)

The pop diva also shared a snap of herself sitting on the artRAVE stage here. It's not too clear of a look at her performance platform or production values, but it certainly has us excited for the tour, the costumes and the ways in which Gaga will entertain us. Hopefully, there won't be any vomiting.

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