The owner of the Last Place on Earth says he is exploring options for a new location, which he says could be open as early as sometime next week.

The Duluth News Tribune is reporting that Carlson has been seeking a new home for his business, and may be close to deciding on a new location. Carlson told the DNT he has been in contact with building owners in Duluth and surrounding communities, and reportedly has received feedback saying it would be no problem for Carlson to move to some of these locations.

Carlson reportedly plans to make a decision by sometime early next week, and says he could be open in his new location within two days of making his final decision on a new location.

The controversial shop has been closed temporarily while a judge sifts through evidence in a case the City of Duluth has brought against the Carlson and his business. The civil nuisance case seeks a closure of the business for one year, but would only apply to his current location in Downtown Duluth.

According to the DNT, if Carlson remains within Duluth, he will still have to obtain a license to sell the synthetic products at the center of this case. Carlson and his lawyer have openly denounced the idea of applying for a licence of this variety, and he expressed no interest in doing so for a new location; stating he plans to apply for all necessary business permits except for the synthetic license required by Duluth ordinance.

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