The City of Duluth has announced they are closing the Lighthouse parking lot in Canal Park to prepare for the third phase of the Lakewalk reconstruction project.

The Lighthouse parking lot, located at the end of Canal Park Drive directly across from Grandma’s Saloon and Grill, will be closed beginning Wednesday, June 3.

The parking lot will be used as a staging area for work being done for the Lakewalk reconstruction project.

According to an article at, Mike LeBeau, Construction & Energy Project Supervisor says that during the third phase:

The shoreline will be constructed with 67,000 tons of stone purchased from a quarry north of Two Harbors. Each stone weighs anywhere from 6 to 12 tons and all have been examined by a geologist for cracks to insure that they will withstand Lake Superior’s waves. Soon, these stones will be carefully placed along the shore of Canal Park to form a barrier.


He says this barrier will also include a concrete wall that will rise two feet above the ground, while most of the barrier will remain underground.

There will also be a new wooden walkway that will go from being six feet wide to ten feet wide and the new asphalt trail will go from being seven feet wide to twelve feet wide.

New lighting, plantings and storm drains with pipes to take water back out to the lake will also be added as part of the reconstruction project.

If all goes to plan, the Lakewalk reconstruction project will be completed this winter, with a total price tag of about $15 million.

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