It appears the Twin Ports area is losing another business as Lilac Hill Greenhouse in Hermantown, formerly Engwall's Garden Center, announced that they will be permanently closing after serving the community for 48 years.

Lilac Hill Green House made the official announcement on their Facebook page on August 26, giving customers a few more days to stop by for a final visit.

According to their post:

This is our last Garden Center season! Our last day will be Sunday August 29th!
We are growing and will provide Poinsettias this year for Churches, for Fund Raising groups and for Wholesale customers our Beautiful Locally Grown Poinsettias!
Thank you Twin Ports for allowing us to provide You with the Beauty of Plants and Flowers for the last 48 years!!

While the announcement is obviously a disappointment to both their customers and the community in general, the comments that followed their Facebook post were also filled with gratitude and well wishes for owner Rod Saline.

Comments such as "Congratulations Rod!! It is time to relax and enjoy", "Congratulations Rod! Enjoy your future and new adventures" and "It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, Rod. Enjoy every thing you love to do." were very common.

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If you'd like to visit them one last time and get some fantastic hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and unique garden decor, they're located at 4749 Hermantown Road.

Again, the last day they will be open for business is Sunday, August 29. Something tells me it will be a very busy final weekend for the team at Lilac Hill Greenhouse.

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