Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM
Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM

According to the DNT Macy's sold it's downtown Minneapolis store, so this display has found a new home after 53 years. Bentley said they brought 5 semi truck loads of items back including some animatronics

Since all of these displays were indoors plans are in the works to maybe have some large boxes throughout Bentleyville to house them. Because of the vast size and quantity of these items it may take a few years to incorporate all of them.

Bentleyville is scheduled to open November 18th for 39 nights, which is more than in the past and 98% of the lights used will be L.E.D. Volunteers have already started setting things up and work will continue every Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to volunteer you must be at least 16 years of age and lunch is provided.



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