Madonna, a patron saint of the LGBT movement, caused quite a stir with her un-PC usage of the term "gay" during a word association game.

Madge engaged in the game for Buzzfeed. Madge was up for the jokey task and was asked to write down what instantly came to mind when the site editors provided her with words, like "Instagram," "Putin" and "kale."

Well, she called the social media photo service "time consuming," and she referred to the Russian leader as "gay." That was a decidedly pointed comment, given his controversial views and laws on homosexuals in his country. Madonna's steadfast (and career-long) support of the gay community has earned her a bit of a persona-non-grata status in Putin's eyes. She also faced lawsuits for promoting gay rights.

When Madge was asked what she thought of kale, the delicious and shrubby green veggie, she also wrote "gay." It was immediately after her Putin comment.

While it seemed fairly innocuous, the Internets went nuts with criticism over her usage of the word in a negative way.

It seemed like she was trying to be funny, but it backfired and fans and critics were sensitive to it, pointing to her insensitivity.

Given her role as a crusader and a supporter for the gay population, it's HIGHLY doubtful she was using the term in a contemptuous way.

It also caused a storm of memes, like the veggie coming out as gay on a Time cover.

For her part, Madge has yet to respond. She might not, either.

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