Mariah Carey's fourteenth album, once titled 'The Art of Letting Go,' is fraught with problems. The singer detailed her plans to rescue the album, which includes pulling a 'Beyonce' with a surprise release, in her new Billboard cover story.

The album looked like this as of late: Failed singles. Delays. Wrong mixes uploaded. She is aware of all the drama, something she reveals in her Billboard cover, on which she looks gorgeous, with her famous hair slicked back. The fact that it's an up close face shot suggests that Carey gets REALLY intimate in her reveals.

And she does.

Billboard confirms that Mimi will share the new album's title, track listing, artwork and music all at once through digital partners to be announced at a later date. She will physically release the album a week later, as did Bey.

"I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title," Carey said. Okay, so it's no longer called 'The Art of Letting Go.' Mimi says that the album title is influenced by a "personal possession of mine that's part of an entity that I've had almost all my life."

It makes sense that Mimi would go the Bey route here. Bey followed up her so-so last album '4' with the surprise release of 'Beyonce' and it worked for her. Carey's 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' dropped in 2009 and was a bit of a "meh" release, as well.

But it begs this question. No one except her airtight inner circle knew what Bey was doing and it's hard to replicate. With Mariah essentially saying what she is doing, it's not a surprise. Plus, Bey's been there, done that.

For Album No. 14, Carey's collaborators include Rodney Jerkins and her manager Jermaine Dupri, as well as Hit-Boy and Mike Will Made It, who got an injection of fame from his work with Miley Cyrus. Wale, Nas and Trey Songz also appear, as does a guest that Mimi won't name yet.

She did previously say that Dem Babies will cameo.

Mimi was not afraid to admit that 'Triumphant,' 'Almost Home,' 'The Art of Letting Go' and 'Eternal (You're Mine)' went nowhere and failed to ignite.

"You would think I would be all about the singles-driven situation, and I am in a way, but with this particular album I want my fans to hear it as a body of work," she said. "This is my life since we last left off. Just picture a dot dot dot, and then here's the album."

Carey is not done making albums for good once this one drops and she is mixing urbanized tracks with ballads, which are her signatures.

She also isn't scared off from TV by Nicki Minaj and their public feud on 'American Idol.' She would prefer to have a producer role and said, "I have another project that I'm so very excited about that's finally coming to fruition."

Lastly, Carey said her shoulder injury was worse than we thought. "I really downplayed that incident," she admitted.

A tangled web woven by Mimi, indeed.

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