Let's face it, there are a lot of ridiculous world records out there. Things like "most bunnies snuggled in a hammock" may be the biggest recorded number of something, but does anyone care? In the latest case of world records nobody cares about, a video surfaces that will make you laugh not because of the record itself, but because of what it takes to achieve the record.

Andre Hoeden, a radio personality on Singapore Radio 91.3 FM, decided to set out to beat the lofty record of most full pants zipper zips and unzips on his pants. The zipper must start in the "up" position, and one zip consists of a full down and up motion. The record consists of most full zips within a 30 second period.

Hoeden was able to achieve a total of 204 zips in that 30 second period, setting a new record according to RecordSetter.com. What's amazing about this video, beside the amount of zips he was able to accomplish in his 30 second limit, is the fact this guy was able to do this without causing serious bodily harm. Most guys either have a firm respect or even fear of zippers on pants because of the potential havoc they could cause. The fact this guy so fearlessly zipped as much as he did is worth plenty of respect.

Watch The Pants Zipper World Record Get Broken


Andre Hoeden