According to KARE11 Emmanuel Aranda the man who pled guilty to to throwing a five year old boy off a third floor balcony at the Mall of America has been sentenced to 19 years in prison. Minnesota law mandates that he serve 12 of them, with 53 days off for time served.

When given the opportunity to make a statement to the victims family Aranda remained silent.  Back in May the 24 year old pled guilty to the charge of of first degree attempted murder in exchange for the 19 year sentence. The victims parents did not attend the hearing but a deputy attorney read a statement from the young boy's father in court.

"You intended evil that day, but God wants all for good. Landen, who was a nameless child to you, is not a name forgotten or unknown to God.Your act was evil and selfish. You chose to listen to the worst parts of yourself that day. You chose evil over good, and chose to take your hate and hurt out on my precious boy. You will take nothing more from us... you will not define our lives or our hearts."

Landen's mother also provided a statement: "I want you to know I forgive you, not because what you did was OK, not because I want to, but because God wants me to," she wrote. "I refuse to be full of anger and hatred. I refuse to let you let you take my joy. My sweet precious baby, my amazing gift from God is going to be OK."

A GoFundMe set up for Landen surpassed $1 million, with donations from more than 28,000 people from 42 countries and all 50 states. In May Landen's family gave an update on his GoFundMe page stating that he is recovering and his spirit is strong but there still is along road of recovery ahead.

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