Tonight is the night for the big drawing of Powerball and someone or many someones lives could change forever, so you need to be prepared and Mark Cuban is here to help.

I am not gonna lie that it is fun to think about what I would do with hundreds of millions of dollars, but with any sudden windfall of money comes a lot of responsibility and in some cases a lot of heartache as well.

Everyone knows Mark Cuban and the fact that he is uber wealthy, not the nicest guy on the planet from what I have observed, but something has compelled him to offer advice to the person or people that will suddenly be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

  1. Hire a Tax attorney
  2. Don't take the lump sum, you don't want to blow it all at once
  3. If you were happy yesterday, you will be a lot happier tomorrow. Life s nice with having money and not having to worry about bills.
  4. Tell all your friends and relatives NO when they come begging for money. You know who of your friends or family may need help, If they have to ask you for it don't do it.
  5. Just because you came into a ton of money does not make you a smart Investor, just put it in the bank. You won't ever lose money and you will be able to live comfortably.
  6. This is my favorite from him....."Be nice, nobody likes a mean billionaire"     Did you hear that Donald Trump?

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