Lake Nokomis beaches are closed until further notice.

The lake is located in Minneapolis. According to a press release put out by the Minnesota Department of Health on Wednesday (August 14th), there have now been three confirmed cases of an E. Coli strain found in three different kids who swam in the lake during late July and early August.

Officials are trying to figure out if there is an "ongoing risk to the public."

The report says the kids became ill between August 2nd and August 5th after taking to the lake between July 26th through August 2nd. No one has been hospitalized at this time.

The Minnesota Department of Health is warning everyone who may have swam in the lake at any point to take extra caution, especially if they feel sick at any point.

This specific strain of E. Coli causes stomach cramps and diarrhea but can cause serious complications if it goes untreated.

Lake Nokomis is located about two and a half hours from Duluth.

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