Here'e another little indication that things are slowly getting back to normal with the announcement The Beach at Pinehurst Park in Cloquet will open this summer.

The Beach at Pinehurst Park, like many places, was closed last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that the vaccine is starting to roll out and cases down around the state they've decided to open the beach on June 14th.

They won't be selling season long beach passes this year, but everything else seems to be the same for the 2021 season. The swimming hole is a unique place to take in some summer fun in an outdoor pool that is filtered and chlorinated and with a lake-like sand bottom.

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The Beach at Pinehurst Park features zero entry for the little swimmers and swim lanes with a 6-foot center depth for more experienced swimmers. The beach also follows the American Red Cross safety guidelines with lifeguards on duty while the pool is open.

Not only is there swimming available at the park, but there are changing rooms, a sand volleyball court, slides, picnic areas and concessions, and umbrellas for shade.

Keep in mind that if you're visiting The Beach at Pinehurst Park that kids 6 and under must have an adult with them at all times in the water, kids 12 and older are welcome to the beach with no adult supervision.

The beach is open Monday through Friday Noon - 7 PM and Saturday and Sunday from Noon - 5 PM, they do say times and days could change due to the pandemic, so it's best to check their Facebook page for the latest information. The cost to enter is $4 per person.

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