The Duluth Police Department went to Facebook to remind Duluthians about city ordinances on public beaches like no smoking, alcohol, camping, or fires after a weekend clean up. It really got me thinking how some people treat our city.

Over the weekend, Duluth Park Rangers spent a good amount of time cleaning up numerous amounts of glass and beer bottles out of the sand. A lot of people walk around on the sand barefoot, and I know I wouldn't appreciate stepping on glass and possibly cutting my foot open.

We live in a beautiful city and it just happens to be on the shores of Lake Superior.  Yes, it's tempting to want to party on the beach, but you should follow the rules and respect our city. The beach closes to the public at 10 pm. These rules are there for a reason.

I absolutely can't stand seeing garbage on the streets. Would you treat you house like a walking trash can? I'd hope not, and you shouldn't treat the city you live in like one too. It doesn't take a lot to pick up after yourself.

Look, I'm not asking much, just please respect the laws of Duluth, and pick up your garbage. Help our city look as beautiful as it should. Big shout out of the Park Rangers for picking up somebody else's mess!

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