As far as athletes go, Michael Jordan is in the group of the most elite in the world, with that comes fame, fortune and huge mansions.

Remember when everyone wanted to be like Mike? You had to have the latest pair of Air Jordans, which still fetch a hefty price, and number # 23 was the number to be! The legacy of Michael Jordan in the Chicago area was larger than life, and to a degree still is to this day.

Having family and tons of friends in the Chicago area it is one of my favorite places in the world to be. Around 12 years ago, long after Michael retired form the Bulls, a friend of mine who lives in a Chicago suburb, and also was a realtor was talking about Michael Jordan's house, which just so happens to be nearby.

Of course I insisted we go check it out, as we turned a corner I saw the big pearly gates with the gleaming number #23 on the gate. Yes, no way to hide who's house that was. I walked up to the gate peering through to see if I could catch a glimpse of the way the driveway was a mile long.

I even went up to the intercom, no answer but that was o.k. because I did my best Air Jordan leap in front of this famous gate. Fortunately, I could not find this picture to include in this post....pretty embarrassing, but here is a great tour of the house that Mike built.