Are you in the market for a house without neighbors? Well, this could be an answer for you if you really think about it. Ha!

A home on the market in Minneapolis is located right next to a nearly century-old grain elevator! How cool is that? It provides a pretty cool backdrop when you're standing in the yard.

The home is located at 3401 East 41st Street in Minneapolis. The home just had a major price cut and can be yours for just under $200,000 bucks. It was built back in 1915 and like we said, has some pretty unique surroundings!

According to the Zillow listing, the home has had a bunch of updates as of late, including new windows and a new water heater. It is also in a convenient location if you want to be close to the action - and a giant grain elevator!

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A local news outlet did a little research on the grain elevator. According to their report, the grain elevator is about 92-years-old and the home was actually in the spot first. The home was there for fifteen years before the grain elevator arrived. I would have thought it would be the other way around!

So why is the grain elevator there in the first place? Racket says they were built to help out Minnesota's first railroad lines. Now it is used for storage while the owner, an Ely resident, plots out his next steps, which may include turning it into a brewery and commercial space.

This home means no loud neighbors, living next to history, having one of the most unique home locations ever and possibly living right next door to an amazing brewery and hangout space. Yes, please.

Live Next To A Century-Old Grain Elevator In Minnesota

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