When I first saw this story I thought it was a joke, but according to WCCO/cbslocal.com it is anything but. If this proposed ban would go through it would pertain to any new businesses within the city limits, businesses that already have drive-thru windows would be grandfathered in.

So what is the reasoning behind all of this? Sam Rockwell Planning commission president said " The move would reduce carbon emissions made by idling cars, and increase pedestrian safety." When questioned about what type of impact this would have on the elderly or people with disabilities who cannot get in and out vehicles as easily he said   “You go to a city like London, Paris, New York or Boston. Neighbors help their elderly neighbors up the stairs with their groceries. They know them, they help them, they run errands. So creating that community can be a boost."

Initially this ban would not have a huge impact since right now Drive-Thru windows are only allowed in six of the city’s 23 zoning districts, and only a few are built each year, but in the future this could possibly cause quite an impact. This proposal will have a public hearing in the first week of June, then the planning commision will vote on it and from there it would go before the city council.

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