It has happened for years where a man or group of men holler or talk loudly making comments about a woman as she passes by, some call this cat calling and it has happened since the dawn of time. But one woman is turning the tables.

Sick of being harassed by men who either would say comments or call her offensive names, one woman is on a mission to call these guys out on the spot. This one is my favorite as 2 business men from Ohio got busted as they said" Minnesota Girls Are Hot. as they walked on by. Now the man that said this comment is well dressed and wearing a wedding ring.

Now I am staying out of throwing my 2 cents in on this particular video, some women would laugh this off, some may take it as a compliment, or some may be visibly upset like this woman. My take on this whole situation in general is that it is incredibly rude to just blurt out something to a complete stranger that could be deemed offensive. Since you may or may not know what could be offensive, how about just keep your mouth shut and just say hello instead.

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