An eight year old boy from Lakeville Minnesota was playing the hugely popular online game called Fortnite when he was approached by another "gamer"  to give him personal information about his mom. Charlie Pearson like many kids and adults is an avid gamer and in this particular game you are playing against real people online.

Charlies back and forth chats with these gamers eventually turned into phone calls and text messages requesting a picture of his Mom's drivers license and and credit card information, but was told to keep it quiet and not tell anybody about it. So Charlie did just that.

Charlie's Mom Krista Kneeland-Pearson first became aware of a problem when he started spending a lot of money on the game through 'V-Bucks' which is currency used in the game for costumes and dance moves.

Krista became even more concerned when she found her purse on the floor of his bedroom, and she would catch him playing the game in the  middle of the night with his bedroom door was locked. Once she looked at Charlies phone she saw tons of text messages form South Carolina, telling Charlie not to tell his mom or she will get mad.

Charlie eventually told his mom what was happening and said he was worried and didn't want to do it, but he was afraid the other gamers would get mad at him. Krista filed a police report but unfortunately the officer said they can't do anything because it is not a crime to get someones personal information.

Krista had said she is now nervous that her personal information is floating around out there, and that her son would do something like this behind her back. As for Charlie he says he has learned his lesson and won't be playing Fornite for a while. Lesson learned, talk to your kids about how easily this could happen to them as well.  For more information on this story Click Here

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