As COVID-19 cases spike in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz will address the state tonight and is expected to "turn the dial back" on bars, restaurants, gyms and more.

Walz will give a speech tonight at 6 PM in which he is expected to issue more restrictions on bars, restaurants, gyms, youth sports and other social gatherings throughout the state.

According to Tom Hauser, political reporter for KSTP TV, he says that, "hair salons will not be impacted by tomorrow's announcement...nor will dental offices, elective surgeries or retail."

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Last week Walz announced some new restrictions on many of these businesses and it seems that he will place even further restrictions tonight, Brian Bakst from MPR is saying that bars and restaurants will be limited to carry out only for 4 weeks starting on Friday, and Gyms and fitness centers will also have to close during that time.

COVID-19 cases across the state have dramatically increased over the last month and many hospitals across the state are at or nearing capacity. So, Minnesota is joining a handful of other states across the country that are returning to many of the restrictions that were in place at the start of the pandemic.

Just yesterday, the state reported 5,945 new cases and 26 deaths. In the last week more than 100 people have admitted into the ICU and over 1,000 people have been hospitalized because of the virus.

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