Wallethub recently did a study to determine the happiest places in the United States and apparently it is not only driven by money . They say after $75,000 a year any more money you earn than that will not necessarily make you happier. Well I for one would like to try and debunk that theory.

This particular study drew upon findings of happiness research of what environmental factors effect a persons happiness and overall well being. They examined all 50 states using 31 key metrics including depression rate, work environment, to income growth and more. Here is the Top 10:

  1.   Hawaii
  2.   Utah
  3.   Minnesota
  4.  North Dakota
  5.  California
  6.  Idaho
  7.  Maryland
  8.  Iowa
  9.  South Dakota
  10.  Nebraska

For the record Wisconsin came in at # 11 but the other Central Midwest States did not fare so well, Illinois came in at # 23 and Michigan came in at # 34. Plus a majority of the bottom ten states were all in the south except Alaska.

So despite our short Summers and brutal winters Minnesota is a great place to call home. For a more in depth look at this study Click Here.



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