It looks like Wisconsin is getting a big pat on the back - four cities from the state have just landed on a list of best places to live after COVID-19 coronavirus.

Business Insider released the list on Thursday (June 11th), naming thirty different cities across the country Americans should move to if they are looking for a change after COVID-19. They were inspired by a poll, which states that many across the country are thinking of moving and making a change.

To curate the list, the publication looked at factors like ability to work from home, population size, affordability of housing, cost of living, among others.

As mentioned, a handful of Wisconsin cities made the cut, including the following:

  • La Crosse almost cracked the top ten, coming in at #12 on this list. The city has low housing costs and has short commute times.
  • Wausau comes in at #18 on the list, thanks to the city's low housing costs which average just under $900 dollars a month.
  • Madison places just under Wausau, making its mark at #19 on the list. Madison had an unemployment rate lower than the national average earlier this year and is an easy town to work remotely.
  • Green Bay came in at #25 thanks to the low housing costs, which according to the publication, are around just over $900 dollars a month.

No Minnesota cities made the list. A bunch of other midwest cities did, however, including a handful in Illinois, Iowa and North Dakota.

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