Prince is one of Minnesota's biggest cultural icons and now some lawmakers want some money for a mural to honor the late musician.

Rep. Ray Dehn has introduced bill HF 2360 which says:

$250,000 in fiscal year 2020 is appropriated from the arts and cultural heritage fund to the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Humanities Center for a grant to Artspace for a mural in downtown Minneapolis honoring the life and legacy of the singer and songwriter known as Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, and celebrating his contributions to Minnesota arts and cultural heritage.

That bill will have a hearing today in the House Legacy Finance Division.

The state Senate also has a bill from Sen. Bobby Joe Champion that says the exact same thing. Dehn represents District 59B in Minneapolis and Champion District 59, which includes parts of downtown Minneapolis and north Minneapolis.

If passed, work could begin on the Prince mural in Downtown Minneapolis as soon as 2020.

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