If you set aside everything going on in the world right now, this is a pretty neat title to have: Minnesota has just been named the least stressed state in the entire country.

WalletHub released a new study Monday (March 30th), ranking the states in order of most stressed to least stressed. Minnesota came in at number fifty, meaning residents there are a lot more zen than the rest of America.

Wisconsin didn't do too shabby, either. They came in at number 42, meaning they are also one of the least stressed out states in the country.

To come to this conclusion, WalletHub looked at a bunch of different factors, including the following:

  • average hours worked per week
  • hours of sleep per night
  • job security
  • credit scores
  • cost of housing
  • divorce rate
  • psychologists per capita

And the list goes on! Minnesota did well because we have some of the most psychologists per capita, a low divorce rate, a low percentage of people living in poverty and the highest credit scores in the nation. We also get the most sleep of any other state in the country!

Other zen states? North and South Dakota, Iowa, Utah and Hawaii.

To avoid stress, avoid places like Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and West Virginia, who are some of the most stressed out states in the country.

In a stressful and chaotic time, we will absolutely take this title! By the way - we also snagged the title last year so we must be doing something right!

Just last month, Minnesota was also dubbed one of the least sinful states in America.

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