Do you have a long commute?  A job that has a lot of pressure?  The fact is we are all stressed, but just how stressed are we?

The folks at Movoto Real Estate decided to figure that out by state.

They took into account the following criteria:

-Percentage of population with a long commute (over 20 minutes)


-Hours worked

-Population density

-Percentage of income spent on housing

-Percentage of population without health insurance

They then ranked the 48 contiguous states from 1 being the most stressful, and 48 being the least stressful.

The #1 state for the most stress was kind of surprising to me.  Florida ranked #1 closely followed by Georgia at #2 and New Jersey at #3.

The least stressful state happens to be our neighbor North Dakota.

But where exactly does Minnesota rank on this list?