How stressed out are we here in Duluth? According to a study done by SmartAsset, we're all pretty chill. Not just Duluth, but the Upper Midwest in general. How did they determine this? Here are the key factors they used in the study.

The site's research team analyzed a series of positive and negative factors. The positive factors they used were a high rate of physical activity, a high number of entertainment establishments per 1,000 businesses and a high average number of hours of sleep per night. On the negative side, they looked at hours of work per week, length of commute to work in minutes, the unemployment rate, the bankruptcy rate, the ratio of housing costs to median income and the divorce rate.

In order to be included in the study, a city needs to have a population over 67,500, which made for about 500 cities to be ranked. Factoring in all the pluses and minuses for over 500 cities studied, Duluth came in at #3 overall in the country. Pretty solid, right? Duluth also was ranked third in last year's study as well. Not only are we relaxed, but we're consistent - despite occasional gripes about road construction or traffic in Canal Park or on London Road.

Among the key factors listed in the study about Duluth was the fact that we apparently sleep well. Citing information from Jawbone, residents in St. Louis County get 7.2 hours of sleep per night, which is the fifth higest of any US county. They also suggest the scenery and outdoor opportunities and employment opportunities with UMD, the St. Louis County Government, and Essentia Health play roles in this ranking.

Duluth is the only Minnesota city to make the list, while Wisconsin had two cities; which happens to be the most of any state in the country. Here's the full top 10 list:

  1. Boulder, CO
  2. Iowa City, IA
  3. Duluth, MN
  4. Madison, WI
  5. Eau Claire, WI
  6. Flagstaff, AZ
  7. Columbia, MO
  8. Ann Arbor, MI
  9. Missoula, MT
  10. Fargo, ND