Don't fall victim to this scam.

Minnesota Power issued a press release Tuesday (July 16th) warning customers to be careful of scam phone calls and even in-person scam attempts using their name to gain people's trust.

According to their press release, one person has reported an in-person scam attempt in Duluth. The rest of the area has seen an "unusually high number of scam phone calls" where the caller acts like a Minnesota Power representative.

While phone call scams are nothing new in the area, it is scary that this has now been reported to have happened in person. Minnesota Power won't appear in person until calling you twice and giving you written notice two times. They will also carry an identification badge.

Minnesota Power says they will not call customers to request payment, ask for any personal information or threaten customers over the phone. As with any scam, do not provide any personal information, including your Minnesota Power account number.

In-person scam attempts should be reported to the local police. Scam phone calls can also be reported to the local police department or to Minnesota Power directly at 800-228-4966.

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