Minnesota singer and songwriter Lydia Liza teamed up with Josiah Lemanski to emphasize consent in the Christmas classic 'Baby It's Cold Outside'.

I love the spirit of Christmas and duets, one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs is 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. Lydia Liza took the classic and gave it her own spin. I will say the original lyrics kind of seem sexually aggressive, but I doubt it was the writers intention. I feel like you can take almost any song these days and give it a whole new meaning.

Liza took a more consent friendly approach with lyrics like "Baby, I'm fine with that" and "Hope you get home safe". It's got humor, It's cute, and still gets a serious point across about the importance of sexual consent and respect.

Sip your pomegranate Lacroix and give it a listen below. Let me know what you think of the modernized version in the comments below.

Here's the original to compare: