The Minnesota State Patrol has had enough with speeding across the state and has been cracking down this week.

Speed patrols are targeting different regions each day enforcing speed limits across the state and on Monday alone the Minnesota State Patrol says 255 speeding citations were handed out statewide.

57 people have died on Minnesota roads so far this year due to speed, that is compared to 28 at this time last year, so a dramatic increase like this has officials very concerned and hence the crackdown around the state, from not only the Minnesota State Patrol, but local and county law enforcement.

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The Minnesota State Patrol also shared some speeds of the motorists they've stopped this month alone:

  • 104 in a 65 on Highway 52 in Rochester
  • 100 in a 60 on Highway 56 in Dodge Center
  • 118 in a 60 on Highway 52 in Rochester
  • 102 in a 65 on Highway 52 in Zumbrota
  • 115 in a 70 on I-90 near Luverne (juvenile driver with an instruction permit)
  • 104 in a 70 on I-94 near Elizabeth
  • 106 in a 70 and careless driving on I-94 near Barnesville

We've been reporting on the rise in speed related deaths and crackdowns over the last year, the numbers really started going up near the start of the pandemic and continue to be a problem statewide, you may have noticed officials reminding motorists to slow down with clever sayings on highway signs.

The Minnesota State Patrol sums it up in a Facebook post from today, "This needs to stop. People are dying. End. Of. Story."

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