Here's one story we didn't see coming. (Okay, we had to make at least one little joke about the future. That's all for now.)

A woman claiming to be a psychic and spiritual adviser is accused of conning over $100,000 dollars from two victims who went to see her for her services. The self-proclaimed psychic hails from Hopkins, Minnesota.

It seems there have been some strange headlines like this lately. For example, earlier this month, a woman made headlines after she was found hanging off a bridge on I-94 drinking tequila. The woman is 70-years-old.

Earlier this week, another strange and scary crime story made headlines. A restaurant delivery driver was dropping off an order when the person at the address opened the door with a gun and took the food and cash that was on the driver. This went down in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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This story is similar in that it is strange and makes you scratch your head. KARE 11 reported on the story, writing that a 26 year-old- woman stole "at least $130,000 from two victims" by telling them she was a psychic and could "lift curses" for them.

The first victim is a 30-year-old, according to KARE 11, that was swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars. The report says the woman told the victim he had been cursed since birth and as a result, told him he needed to buy pricey candles and a Rolex in order to lift said curse. She also had him open a line of credit that she could use to continue to try to break the curse.

KARE 11 reports the victim took the money from his mom's retirement savings account to the tune of nearly $90,000 dollars to pay for the various things he was told to purchase to break the curse.

The second of the two victims fell under the same trap to the tune of about $50,000 dollars. This victim is a cancer survivor and was told that it would come back if she didn't pay up for things similar to that of victim number one.

As mentioned in the story, there could easily be more victims that haven't come forward yet. The self-proclaimed psychic has been charged with several felony counts, according to KARE 11. There are two felony counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and two counts of theft by swindle.

This is an absolutely devastating story! I hope that the victims can get their money back and that the swindler spends time in jail for what she did. Similar to scams, if something seems too good to be true or unusual, it probably is. As always, be especially wary if someone asks for money upfront or a large sum of money. This is usually, sadly, a scam.

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