First Avenue, arguably Minnesota's most iconic music venue, announced that you can now buy a Lego set to build your very own version of the black and white Minneapolis building, complete with stars on the exterior walls and all.

The venue teamed up with specialty Lego company Brickmania to create the special 98-piece kit to construct your very own personal First Avenue. The kit includes the Lego blocks necessary to build the structure, stickers to decorate the outside (gotta have those iconic stars on the walls), instructions, and packaging.

The completed Lego creation won't take up a whole lot of space, with First Avenue's website saying it will measure 3.8" x 3.8" x 1.8" when completed.

If you're thinking about ordering this as a holiday gift, you may want to move quickly. Brickmania says on their website that "Orders received prior to November 3 are expected to ship mid-November. Any orders received on or after November 3 will shape at a later date."

If you want to really go all-out, maybe you could scour eBay for one of these Prince Lego characters that were made by a European company called for a brief time before they were sent a cease and desist. Clearly, they were not sanctioned by Prince or his representation, but they were pretty cool.

For Lego fans, Brickmania is a pretty cool company, making all kinds of custom Lego creations. We had the chance to check out some of their creations in Duluth a few years ago, when they had a display at the Arrowhead Home and Builders's Show. They have a location at the Mall of America, if you want to check them out.

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