A Minnesota city has become the first in the state to ban the sale of all e-cigarettes and vaping products. This is a bold step that easily passed in the city council vote.

According to Fox 9, the St. Louis Park City Council approved the ban after a 6-1 vote. Stores will no longer be able to sell the vaping products as soon as February 1st. Different organizations supporting the ban point to teen addiction to nicotine and increased vaping. They also point to the recent health scare that has been reported from lung injury and failure due to vaping across the country.

However, most of those cases are unrelated to the sale of the electronic cigarettes found at vape shops. The common factor in the serious lung cases is vaping illegal black market THC vapes.

Still, the council approved the ban 6-1. The only council person to vote against the ban was Steve Hallfin. He said that he abhors nicotine products, but also says that people have their freedoms and we shouldn't take that away.


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