The Minnesota Department of Transportation is considering a plan to relieve traffic congestion on Highway 61 through Two Harbors.

Last week the Lake County Board of Commissioners listened to MnDOT's proposal to add left-turn lanes on Highway 61 between Fourth and Eighth streets. Which would basically just add continuous left turn lanes however it would eliminate on-street parking.

The traffic signals currently in Two Harbors would be replaced with signals also equipped with a protected left turn phase in the cycle to allow cars to turn left and a flashing yellow arrow indicating to cars to yield to oncoming traffic during the remainder of the signals' cycle.

To make this changes happen MnDOT would need to acquire property from some business's along the corridor. Design's aren't finalized yet, but they plan to be ready to start work in spring of  2018 as long as every thing goes smoothly.  You can read the full article here and let me know what you think of these plans in the comments below.

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