Buried at the bottom of a new Variety report about Disney+’s first wave of streaming offerings — including previously announced projects like The Mandalorian and a series starring Diego Luna’s character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — is a note that Disney’s also working on a Monsters Inc. series “based on the Pixar animated film.”

This would be an exciting addition to Disney+’s lineup if it comes to fruition. Monsters Inc., about a world of monsters whose society is powered by human screams, might be the most underrated in the entire Pixar catalog. It spawned one prequel already, 2013’s Monster University featuring the two lead characters (Billy Crystal’s Mike Wazowski and John Goodman’s Sulley) during their days in college. Given the fact that its premise is essentially a workplace comedy, it should work very well as a series. With the right creators in place, it could be really fun.

Variety says other projects headed to Disney+ include the elaborately named High School Musical: The Musical, as well as a new series inspired by the novel and film High Fidelity. In this case, the lead would be a woman instead of a dude. (John Cusack played the character in the 2000 film version.) I love High Fidelity, but this Monsters Inc. show is the one I’m really intrigued by. That might be something special.

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