If you're like me, you are still recovering from Eric Church's big U.S. Bank Stadium show! It was an incredible concert and it all kicked off with Ernest followed by Morgan Wallen, who the crowd went wild for.

Because Morgan has headlined his own tour this year, with a stadium show booked for later this year, he easily could have passed up the opportunity to open for Eric. However, if you know anything about him, you know Eric is his hero.

He made this known once more when news of the big Minneapolis show broke. He shared an emotional message in an Instagram post, saying that opening for Eric would be the highlight of his career. That is a big statement given how much success he has had so far.

Now that the show has come and gone, he is reflecting on the show. He shared a lengthy post post-show on his social media pages and the message might make you tear up a little. It definitely made me tear up!

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Morgan shared the message late Sunday night (June 12th), writing about what the night meant to him and how much opening for Eric was a full circle moment for him. He also repeated some of the same sentiments he said during his opening act.

His message began by explaining that his first concert ever was an Eric Church concert. He said he saw the show eight years ago in Tennessee and it was that night that the decided he wanted to be an authentic artist just like Eric. (Yes, his first concert was only eight years ago. Ha!)

He went on to say that Eric is now one of his best friends and that he feels some people in the crowd at U.S. Bank that night were in the audience with him back when he saw his first concert almost a decade ago.

You can read his message in full below, courtesy of his Instagram page. Make sure you grab some tissues because this will get you in your feels.

It was an incredible show and there were so many Morgan fans in the crowd. I would say everyone was just as much there for him as they were for Eric, which is pretty incredible so early in his career.

The only bummer is that the two didn't sing together on stage like openers usually do with the headlining acts. I thought this would happen, as the two have collaborated on stage before and Morgan has even cut an Eric song that is featured on his double album.

I also thought it would happen for sure since Eric teased it a few months back. The two country stars sang together on stage at a different show and Eric shared photos and said he couldn't wait for the Minneapolis show. Oh well!

One of my favorite parts of the show was when both Ernest and Morgan rocked Vikings jerseys on stage. Morgan went backstage during a break between songs to put on the jersey, which he wore briefly. It was especially welcome after he paid a visit to Green Bay and Lambeau Field recently. Ha!

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