put together a list of the top 10 independent horror movies coming out in 2017 and 'Strange Nature' which was filmed in various parts of the Northland was named in the list. 

'Strange Nature' was written and directed by Duluth native Jim Ojala and some of the movie was even filmed in Duluth. The film is an eco-thriller based on true events and is the first to cover the deformed frog phenomenon that began in the mid-90’s in Minnesota.

Jim and his movie comes in at number 4 on Movie Pilot's list. The movie website went on to say:

Strange Nature is a disturbing exploration into the real-life epidemic of frog deformities occurring across the US and the potential root cause of their outbreaks. Admittedly less of a horror film than it is a thriller, #StrangeNature features an intimate, cinematic look into a very real and chilling issue with the added comforts of a fictional story and a cinematic escape.

Here is the entire top 10 Indie Horror Movies coming out this year (Just a heads up, these trailers are NSFW):

My dad is a huge Horror movie buff, so I watched a lot of "B" movies growing up. I'm glad to see a Northland movie made the list! Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think of 'Strange Nature' in the comments below.


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