This isn't the first movie theater trailer proposal ever done, but it's still pretty cute.

To set the video up, the Polish guy's unsuspecting girlfriend went to the movies.  What she didn't realize was that her man had done some great editing and acting, splicing together a trailer made from footage of "The Grey" and "The Bourne Ultimatum".

She almost misses it though--apparently the trailer was so scary she ended up cowering in her seat and covering her eyes for a few moments.  I think the giveaway was when he starts running on screen.  She may have even teased him in the past for his run.  I know I would.  Lovingly, of course.

Even if they're speaking Polish and I can't understand a word of the proposal I'm pretty sure she says yes. Or maybe hugging and kissing is customary when breaking up and I should brush up on Poland's customs and traditions.

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