I have always wondered If Michael Jackson and Prince ever thought to collaborate, but after hearing this I would say that would be a big Fat NO!

L.A Reid is a famous music producer and now author who once worked with Baby Face and was part of LaFace records. Apparently back in the day he and BabyFace met up with Michael Jackson to discuss a project, and they uncovered Michael's deep dislike of Prince.

Michael Jackson apparently told them a story about a James Brown concert that he and Prince were both at. During Prince turn on stage he was having trouble with his guitar and ended up tearing off his shirt and dancing around the microphone, which Michael declared a win for himself and said Prince looked foolish.

My favorite quote from the book is Michael Jackson calling Prince a Meanie...... classic! I could see how their would be some competition be tween these two incredible, eclectic artists, I just wish they could have passed the olive branch and worked together before one of them was gone.

L.A. Reid's new book: Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who's Next arrives on-line and in bookstores today.


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