Hitching a ride usually only costs some gas and toll money.

But you’ll have to dig really deep into your pockets for a ride into orbit.

Russia is charging NASA a staggering $70 million per seat for a 2016 flight to the International Space Station, up from the previously reported $65 million. NASA is expected to send six astronauts for an astronomical total of $424 million.

Since NASA has closed up shop on its space shuttle program, Russia pretty much has a monopoly on intergalactic exploration, allowing it to charge fees that would put a dent even in Warren Buffett's bank account.

NASA officials, perhaps a little miffed by the price tag, are urging Congress to give money to help construct their own carriers.

All we know is that for $70 million, you’d better get a window seat and more than just a bag of peanuts to hold you over.

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